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Wendy Paine

About Me

profile-aboutme I love living life outdoors.  I'm lucky to have made my home in the coastal town of Busselton Western Australia which is 280km south of Perth.  I've been living here since 1990.

A little early history ::

Originally born in Melbourne Australia, I moved with my family to the Gold Coast in Queensland where it's summer 365 days/year and where I spent all my spare time with my friends at the beach.  As a young adult, I completed a technically demanding photography course at the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane (which was the standard of the day), where I spent my days in the darkroom and the studio, learning the art and science of photographic processes, experiencing the magic of the emerging image and experimenting with the lighting techniques of the professional photographer.  I met and married my husband Roger, also a student at the art college who was completing a degree in fine art (painting).

Next step in adult-hood ::

Roger and I started our family and we decided to leave the city for the country - we moved to the southwest of Western Australia, to the coastal town of Busselton and started a business venture where we could use our skills, a screenprinting and graphic design business.  We didn't want to identify as a small-town business, we had big visions of worldwide renown, so we called it Planet Graphics.  Although we never dominated the world with our artistic endeavours, the business has survived for 20+ years and has evolved in it's services and we both still work in that business today.  The digital revolution occurred during this time -- undaunted by technology we went with the flow.  We've experienced the monumental changes in workflow practices and the awesome artistic possibilities that continue to evolve with technological change -- which has brought me full circle back to where I started with my love for photography.

The medium of photography ::

Although it's a different medium today and it's sad to see the demise of the darkroom in particular, digital photography together with the internet, has produced more exciting possibilities.  Digital photography allows me to observe and capture something special in my time and place in the world, to share that observation with other individuals across this planet and in exchange, I can share their visions and images in the same way.  I find that just amazing and so rewarding.

On a practical level, I can see my images immediately and I'm not limited to 36 shots.  In the analog photography days when a roll of film cost money to buy and time to process and to print, you learned to 'see' what was in your frame, because every shutter release counted.  Some things never change though -- the principles of taking a good photograph remain the same.  The art of 'seeing' is still paramount -- a thorough understanding of design principles like composition, balance, perspective, colour harmony etc are also helpful -- and lastly, camera gear is still expensive and there's always one more lens you'd like to own !!

My images ::

With this website, I'm showcasing some of my best images from around the southwest of Western Australia, both landscapes and nature images.  As you may notice, I love to use colour boldly - as a graphic designer by trade I like my images to have impact.

I feel honoured if you like my images -- use the social media buttons below each photo, or if you really love it, you can buy one !  You can also follow me in various social spaces via the buttons at the bottom of this website.

Thanks for looking through my website, it's much appreciated.


Hello and welcome ...

These are my photographs of nature and landscapes in Western Australia.

A little about me

profile-aboutme I love living life outdoors.  I'm lucky to live in the coastal town of Busselton Western Australia which is 280km south of Perth. Read more about me

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